Auction 23rd October 2021

601         Large Cast Iron Pot

602         Box Car Spares & Land Rover Lights Etc

603         Morris 8 Cylinder Head

604         Morris Car Sign

605         Front Panel for S1 Land Rover

606         Land Rover Front Grill

607         Pickhill Arc Welder

608         Ferguson Ridger Marker

609         Land Rover Sales Brochures

610         Bedford Van Sales Leaflet

611         8 Foot Market Stall

612         Dunlop Vintage Car Jack for Rolls Royce 1940s etc with Handles

613         Shell Oils 1 Pint Pourer

614         2 Garden Hose Reels & Hoses plus Brass Garden Sprayer

615         Tray of 9 Chrome Vauxhall Hub Caps (Viva etc)

616         2 Ammunition Boxes, Car Radio Blaupunkt with Speaker & Fittings

617         Vintage Wheel Nut Spider and Sundry Tools

618         Veteran Velocette Catalogue “What Other People Think” plus 2 Other Books Early Motorcycles

619         12 Velocette Spare Parts Lists 1930-50s plus Classic Magazines with Velo Articles

620         Tray of Old Journals Fishing etc

621         13 Car Related Books/Booklets Classic & Vintage

622         6 Copies “The Motor Cycle” 1913 & 1930s

623         Group of Norton & Triumph Publications (8)

624         5 Motorcycle Books

625         8 Early Motorcycle Books 1930-50s

626         Box of Military Journals 1940/60s

627         “Motor Cycling” 1940/60s (approx. 30)

628         “The Motorcycle” 1940/50s (approx. 30)

629         Classic Motorcycle Legend Magazines and Various Other Journals

630         3 Hand Gear Change Levers and 2 Mounts

631         Vintage Triumph “N”/”NSD” Rear Brake Plate with Linings

632         3 Vintage Triumph (1920s) Gearbox Shells

633         Vintage Triumph Assorted Parts 1920s

634         Tray of Old Tools

635         Tray of Assorted Tools

636         Assorted Classic Car Parts etc

637         Alloy “Bar None” MCC Badge

638         Tray of Assorted Bolts, Letter Number Stamps & Vintage Parts

639         Box of Motorcycle Twist Grips and Handlebar Levers

640         Velocette MOV Magneto with ATO

641         Velocette Post War Fork Yolk

642         Tray of Antique Domestic Ware and Grease Guns

643         6½” Motorcycle Headlamp Shell and Rim Plus Other Headlamp Parts

644         Tray of Assorted Parts, Bicycle and Motorcycle Pumps etc

645         Tray of Velo Tools and Assorted Nuts/Bolts etc

646         Large Threading Tool in Metal Box

647         2 MAC and MOV Iron Barrels Rebored to +40

648         Tray of Vintage Triumph Headstocks, Gear Change Mounts etc

649         2 Vintage Triumph Long Chain Guards and 2 Part Mudguards (as pattern)

650         Lucas E3H Dynamo for Velocette

651         Alloy Velocette MOV Barrel

652         2 Vintage Triumph Carburettor Bodies with Float

653         Miller DVR Dynamo for Velocette and Miller 3 Brush Dynamo Unit in Bits

654         Velocette Chain Guard and 2 Rear Ribbed Mudguard Sections (1 with Number Plate & Lamp)

655         1950s Ford Dynamo and 2 Starters

656         Group of 6 Chromed Saddle Springs

657         Group of 3 Springs for Webb Girder Forks

658         Tray of Assorted Velocette Parts Mainly Vintage

659         Velocette Gearbox Clusters etc (5 boxes)

660         Velocette Hub, Brake Plates etc Mainly Vintage

661         Velocette Alloy Barrel

662         Velocette Drive Sprockets (various), Clutch and Push Rods etc

663         Lucas Magneto Parts

664         Miller Regulator and 2 Others

665         Box of Mainly Velocette Parts and Sundries

666         Assorted Velocette Parts

667         6½” Headlamp Shell with Switch, Glasses and Reflector

668         Mainly Rigid Velocette Parts, Rear Sprocket, Brake Plate, Kick Starts etc

669         Assorted Velocette Parts, Battery Holders, Kick Starts etc

670         Velocette Tank Badges, Club Badges Mirrors, Tank Caps etc

671         Velocette Footbrakes, Footrests, Nuts, Bolts etc

672         Tray of Triumph “NSD” & “N” Type Clutch and Gearbox Parts 1920s

673         Assorted Triumph Flywheels, Brake Levers, Timing Sprockets etc

674         Miller & Other Headlamp Switches and Gauges

675         2 Vintage Triumph “NSD” Oil Tanks

676         5 Vintage Triumph 84mm Pistons Alloy and Iron plus a Number of MC22 Bearings

677         WD 1943 Ammunition Box and Tool Roll

678         Large Antique Wooden Kist

679         Group of Antique Spectacles and Cases

680         Dual Vintage Triumph Advance/Retard and Valve Lifter Lever (nickel) and a Triumph Spanner

681         Lucas Magneto Type 41-51 Model MO1

682         Vintage Triumph Exhaust in 2 Pieces

683         2 Vintage Triumph Wheels, with New Spokes and All Hub Parts

684         Vintage Triumph Flat Petrol Tank with Caps

685         Complete Set of Vintage Triumph Girder Forks with Yolk etc

686         Vintage Triumph (1920s) Restored Primary Chain case

687         Vintage Triumph (1920s) Front and Rear Stands and Mudguard Cups etc

688         Vintage Triumph Restored Nickel Plated Handlebars 1920s

689         Tray of Assorted Vintage Triumph Cam Wheels, Gear Change, Oil Pump Parts (1920s)

690         2 Vintage Triumph Model “N” Timing Casings

691         Group of Velocette Stand, Mudguard Stays, Handlebars etc

692         Triumph T110 Cables & Gaskets

693         Group of Vintage 1920s Triumph Timing Casings/Cover

694         Vintage Triumph “N” “NSD” Pump Parts etc

695         Vintage “Triumph” Twin Lever, AMAC Card Top, Best & Lloyd Pump and 5 Tank Caps

696         2 Vintage Triumph Handlebars 1920s

697         Vintage Triumph Rear Brake (new) and Primary Chain Case

698         Vintage Triumph Front & Rear Mudguard with Carrier

699         Vintage Triumph Rear Hub, Sprocket, Brake Hubs etc

700         Vintage Triumph Girder Forks – Restored