16th March 2024

Our next auction will be held at SVVC, Bridge View House, Glamis, DD8 1QU

Catalogues will be available from the above address, (£3 + £2 P&P) Please contact 01307 840311 or

 Viewing is Wednesday 13th, Thursday 14th and Friday 15th 10am-4pm, and Saturday 16th from 7am until the sale starts at 9am.

Photos of the general lots can be seen in the following PDFs

(please download to view)

LOT V1 Lambretta 48 Mk2 Moped
In original condition for restoration or refurb. Appears Complete.
No registration documents.
LOT V2Ladies GPO Delivery Bike with 25CC Cyclemaster wheel.
Appears Complete
May require recommissioning
reg no. OKP776 Buff Log Book
LOT V31952 Follis D'origine Sport Moped
with Sachs engine 98cc
for restoration
petrol tank in frame tube
LOT V4ladies Phillips Roadster with Cyclemaster Wheel
Appears complete
may require recommissioning
no reg no
early 32cc (1952)
LOT V5Lambretta 48a Moped
for recommissioning or restoration
Reg no 976 XVX
on V5c
LOT V61960 Phillips panda Moped
in original condition, new tyres fitted
appears complete
may require recommissioning
REG no CBF 115
no documents
LOT V7Gents Phillips bicycle with Cyclemaster Wheel
Appears to be complete
may require recommissioning
no reg number
LOT V8Raynal Autocycle with 98cc Villiers engine
Complete with lighting and pumps
original condition
may require recommissioning
Reg no OXS 373 on V5c
LOT V91975 Velosolex Moped

Appears complete, may require recommissioning
reg no OSC 361P
with V5c
LOT V10Norman Bicycle with Cyclemaster Wheel 1951
reg no DSL 869 on V5c
LOT V11Raleigh Moped
Requires restoration
displays original registration 9936 SF however no documents
LOT V12James Superlux J1 Autocycle
98cc Villiers mk2F engine
reg no. 627 XVC on V5c
LOT V13Gents raleigh Roadster Bicycle with Cyclemaster wheel
Appears complete may require recommissioning
no regi number
25cc 1952
LOT V14c1947 Excelsior De-Luxe Autobyk
98cc Goblin Mk2 engine.
2 speed gearbox with hand change
Basically complete but requiring full restoration
reg no. OXS 513 on V5c
LOT V151974 Velosolex moped
in original condition
rare Plisolex folding model
appears complete
may require recommissioning
reg no JSA 591N on V5c
LOT V161957 New Hudson Auto Cycle
98cc engine
reg no YAF 531A on V5c
LOT V17Raleigh Rm series Moped
with Sturmey Archer Engine
#very clean motorcycle, may require light recommissioning
LOT V18Raleigh Gents Roadster Bicycle with Cyclemaster wheel
no documents
LOT V19Raleigh Wisp
for restoration
comes with some spares
no documents
LOT V20c1938 Excelsior Autobyk
98cc Villiers engine
short fuel tank model
appears complete
may require recommissioning
no registration number
LOT V211950 GYS / Motomite / Cairns
engine attachment on ladies Raleigh bicycle
LOT V221986 Yamaha
LOT V231939 Morris 10
The vehicle is on the road and has received full engine rebuild, reconditioned gearbox, new wiring loom, replaced brake system, steering stub pins & bushes. Has been displayed a Glamis Extravaganza and Farming Yesteryear at Scone Palace
reg no EO 7400
LOT V241938 Buick Special
straight Eight 4496 cc
4 door sedan
dual side mounts
right hand drive
for restoration
LOT V251970 Jensen Interceptor
Fitted with Rover V8 engine
register as NYU 11H
appears to be complete.
Has been in long term storage will require restoration work / recommissioning
LOT V26Motoconfort Deray
3 wheel carriage
partly stripped for restoration
no reg number
comes with some new transfers
LOT V272002 Virgo Prestige HSE Microcar

MOT expired October 2023
Reg no FM02 MXT
LOT V28c953 Vincent Firefly Cyclemotor
with petrol tank, sping forks and ladies Vindec Bicycle

48cc formerly Miller Cyclemotor - taken over by Vincent and renamed Vincent Firefly
LOT V291994 Mercedes E220
2199 cc Petrol
Appears complete but has not been used for a number of years . Bodywork shows some signs of rust in some areas.
Reg no L75 WGG
LOT V301988 VW Transporter Autohome Hi Top T25
1915cc Petrol Engine.
Vehicle has been laid up for some time and will require thorough checking and full recommissioning
reg no F907 NRK
LOT V311948 Riley RMB
2.5 Saloon
Partialy stripped for restoration
some work has ben done on the engine but it is unclear to what extent it has been refurbished
Appears most parts present to complete the car
Reg no KGF 941
number appears to be transferable
LOT V 321984 TVR Tasmin 350i
Car has been laid up for number of years. Fibreglass body appears to be in good order, interior in good order. Mechanical parts will require to be checked and recommissioned
reg no B781 UWU
LOT V331949 D.O.T. Commercial Delivery Tricycle
Partially restored
197cc Villiers Engine
no documents
LOT V341958 Ariel
NH Red Hunter 347cc
Appears to be in original comndition
has been laid up for a number of years and will require light recommissioning
registered SFK 791
number appears to be transferable
LOT V351955 Royal Enfield meteor 700
692cc Twin
Substantial restored but requiring completion
Has been laid up for some time and will require recommissioning and completion
reg no SL 4852
number appears to be transferable
LOT V361932 Velocette KTT MkIV
Original purchase by Ernie Thomas, renown for racing exploits including the Isle of man TT Road Race. It is believed that this particular machine has been used as his mount during his early racing days as a privateer racer
machine has been laid up for many years and will reqire recommissioning
A portfolio with history particulars is included in the sale.

Auction Items

001        2 Boxes Old Camera Equipment including Developer and Enlarger

002        2 Pairs of Binoculars

003        Rapier Wood Plane in Box

004        Assorted Old Domestic Ware

005        Assortment of China Ware & Ornaments, Wade, Onyx Etc

006        Brass Jelly Pan, Old Wooden Pegs & Candles

007        Box Old 45s/33s Records, LPS & Music Scores

008        Old 1930s Fife Almanacs Etc

009        Group of Hardback Books WW1 /WW11

010        Box Burns Poetry Books & Aircraft Memorabilia

011        Brass Log box (Tam o Shanter), Scrubbing Board, 2Small Suitcases & Embroidery Samples

012        Slide Projector, Screen & 14 Rotary Slide Reels

013        Group of Royalty Memorabilia

014        Two X 28 X 1 I/2 Westwood Bicycle Wheels & Box of Assorted Bike Hubs

015        Box Assorted Garage Items; Jack, Oil Cans, Bearings Etc

016        Old Road Lamp, Filler, Axle Stands, Old Radio Valves Etc

017        1973 Small Wheel Bicycle

018        2 Bags of Golf Clubs; Woods & Irons

019        Ladies Loop Frame Vintage BSA Roadster Bicycle

020        3 Old Brass Blowlamps

021        Box of Spray Gun, Grease Gun, & Air Line Equipment (Some NOS)

022        Exhaust Gas Tester, Voltage Control Tester & Air Ratchet Etc

023        Pair Hella Spot Lamps Boxed & Vintage Lights & Gauges

024        Box of Assorted Tools & Equipment, Boxed NOS

025        Box of Assorted Drills, Rivetter, Torque Tools Etc

026        Box Screwdrivers, Socket Set & Soldering Kit

027        Box Classic Vehicle Factory Manuals, Hillman Imp, Standard, Morris Etc

028        Group of Railway Equipment, Dial & Lamp

029        Box of Compressor Air Line & Fittings

030        Box of Assorted Fasteners Etc

031        Box of Assorted Garage Tools (mostly NOS)

032        Box of Car Manuals

033        Bucket of Garage Sockets & Handles

034        Plastic Toolbox with Tools

035        2 Ammunition Boxes 1955 & 1965

036        Box of Antique Shoe Lasts etc

037        2 Hydraulic Trolley Jacks with Handles

038        Expanding Toolbox with Tools

039        No3A Bench Vice

040        Tray of Assorted Tools, Drills etc

041        Tray with 2 Axle Stands, Garage Lamp, Pullers etc

042        Tray of Old Heavy Tools, Valve Lifters etc

043        4 Old 1 Gallon Cans; Oils etc

044        No3 Bench Vice

045        Tray of Old Oil Cans, Brake Bleeding Kit etc

046        Oil Extractor Kit & Hose Pipe

047        2 Old Foot Pumps, Shackles etc

048        Heavy Duty Angle Grinder in Box

049        Hand Operated Drum Pump with Tubes & Hose

050        Old Pick, 2 Heavy Hammers & Spare Shafts

051        Framed Map of Forfar Railways 19th Century

052        Chromed Wolseley Radiator Grille

053        Britool Headmaster Cylinder Head Dismantling Kit

054        Heavy Mel, 2 Heavy Hammers & Spare Shafts

055        Tray of NOS Garage Tools

056        Group of Open-End Plastic Lined Spanners

057        Boxed Panel Beater`s Kit

058        4 Assorted Classic Motorcycle Manuals

059        Group of 9 Classic Vehicle Handbooks

060        Group of 15 Classic Vehicle Handbooks

061        Tray of Boxed Drill Bit Sets, Saw Blades etc

062        Box of Assorted NOS Washers, Connectors etc

063        Parkside Heavy Duty Drill, Drill Bits & Core Cutters

064        British Rail Scotland Galvanised Water Pourer

065        2 Sets of Taps & Dies

066        Garage Angle Poise Type Work Lamp

067        British Rail Midlands Galvanised Water Pourer

068        Box of NOS Body Coveralls, Masking Tape, Large Worm Drive Clips etc

069        Box of NOS Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Pins etc

070        Boxed Parkside Electric Jigsaw

071        Parkside Boxed Reciprocating Saw

072        Tray of Boxed Diesel Tools (5)

073        Heavy Duty Boxed Angle Grinder

074        2 Reels of Air Hose (NOS)

075        Expanding Toolbox with Tools

076        Heavy Duty Hydraulic Jack with Handle

077        Assorted Classic Car Gasket Sets etc

078        2 Antique Griddles, Pan, 2 Flat Irons and Old Clothes Wringer

079        3 NOS Spade Shafts with Handles

080        5 Gallon Castrol Drums with Some Contents & a Delco Shock Absorber Can

081        Metal Toolbox with Heavy Tools

082        Group of 4 Rolls Royce Spanners & a Ferguson Spanner

083        Group of Classic Car Emblems/Nameplates

084        Vintage Wooden High Chair with “Flat Eric” Doll

085        2 Brass Oil Syringes & Dunlop Foot Pump

086        Avo Meter in Case With 2 Sets of Leads (GWO)

087        Vintage Carburettor Spares, Control Wires & Fittings, Bluemels Pump Velta Saddle, Heavy Duty Soldering Iron etc

088        5 Litres NOS Anti-Freeze, Castrol Grease x 4, Slick 50, Wanner Grease Gun & Heavy-Duty Leads

089        Collection of 1950s Toys, Cars, Screw Gauges

090        2 New Vintage Motorcycle Handlebar Levers, Carburettor & Valve Lifter

091        Group of Rubolite Rear Lamps

092        5 Vintage Motorcycle Horn Buttons, a Dip Switch & a Parking Light Switch for Car

093        Assorted Vintage Vehicle Radiator & Name Badges, Old Tickets etc

094        Meerschaum Type Smokers Pipe Bowl in Shape of Fox Head Plus Set of Art Deco Style Ash Trays in Case

095        Tray of Vintage Piston Rings & Lock Washers (NOS)

096        Group of NOS Main Bearings, Pins & Bushes for Vintage Vehicles, Fordson, Allard etc

097        Group of 10 Vintage Oil Cans

098        Group of 5 Braime Style Vintage Oil Cans

099        Large Tray of Classic Bicycle Spares

100        Industrial Electric Motor with Pulley (GWO)