Auction 23rd October 2021

401         Small Toolbox with Old Tool (Guns)

402         2 Prices Energol Glass Oil Bottles with Tops (1 Amber Label, 1 Green)

403         1 Vintage Bicycle Acetylene Front Lamps

404         2 Vintage Bicycle Acetylene Front Lamps

405         Pair of Vintage Windscreen Wiper Motors (MG)

406         MGA/MGTA Long Body Electric Fuel Pump

407         2 Classics Vehicle Chrome Spotlights; 1 Amber Lens, 1 Clear with Ruby Centre

408         Tray of Classic Vehicle Parts, Tools and Accessories (Tyre Pump, Charger etc)

409         Tray Of Classic Vehicle Lever Dampers, Air Horns Etc

410         2 Metal Benchtop Storage Drawers

411         Assortment Of Mountain Bike Saddles, Mudguards Etc

412         Expanding Toolbox c/w Tools

413         Group of 8 Limited Edition Wedgewood and Royal Doulton Plates – Farm Scenes (c/w Certificates)

414         Group of 8 Limited Edition Wedgewood and Royal Doulton Plates – Country Scenes (c/w Certificates)

415         Flywheel Balancer

416         Group of 3 Heavy Threading Die Tools

417         Pair of Ribbed Vintage Sports Mudguards (off of a Vale Special)

418         Box with Stanley No55 Metal Moulding Plane with Accessories, Assorted Blades and another Brass and Wood Moulding Plane

419         Group of 9 Limited Edition Wedgewood and Royal Doulton Plates – Farm Scenes (Most c/w Certificates)

420         Large Heavy-Duty Extension on Reel & Wheel Barrow Wheel

421         Group of 4 Collectors Porcelain Plates Assorted Images

422         Group of 4 Limited Edition Porcelain Plates with Historic Scenes of Blairgowrie (c/w Certificates)

423         Antique 19th Century Plate with Bird Motifs and Gold Bands

424         Velocette Primary Chainguard with Seal Complete and Restored

425         Amal Carburettor Type 289 Bore Flange Fitting

426         Amal Carburettor Type 275 7/8 Bore Flange Fitting

427         Amal Brass Carburettor Type 289 1.1/8 Bore Flange Fitting

428         Tub Of Mainly Amal Carburettor Parts for Vintage Motorcycles

429         Lycette Saddle for Vintage M/C Minus Cover

430         Velocette Mac Alloy Cylinder Head with New Valves, Springs & Rockers

431         Velocette Oil Tank

432         Vintage Triumph Mod N Crankcases Flywheel & Conrod 221210

433         Velocette Inner & Outer Primary Chain case & Inner & Outer Dynamo Drive Casings

434         Velocette Bare Cylinder Head

435         Amal Carburettor Bodies & Float Chambers

436         Velocette Middleweight Webb for MAF/MDD With Head stem, Damper Knob Etc, Complete

437         Webb, etc Girder Fork Parts

438         Velocette Vintage and Classic Tin wear

439         Tray Of Event Coasters, Beer Mats, Old Cigarette Cards Etc

440         5 Royalty Commemorative Mugs Pre 1937

441         Box of Motorcycle Auction Sale Catalogues and Coronation Ephemera

442         Vintage Steering Wheel for Model T Ford Car and/or Vintage Tractor

443         5 Gallon Oil Drum

444         Box of Vintage Car Parts some NOS

445         Assortment of Old Domestic Items & Tins

446         Metal Toolbox with Heavy Tools, Soldering Irons etc

447         8″ M/C Headlamp with Millar Ammeter & Switch Complete with Ribbed Glass NOS?

448         Original Velocette Toolbox (D Type)

449         2 Vintage Triumph Toolboxes Pre 1930

450         Shaping Patterns For M/C Chainguards

451         Lycette M/C Saddle Frames, Large & Small

452         Velocette Oil Tank with Union

453         1930s Velocette Petrol Tank with Cap

454         3 Velocette Exhaust Pipes, Vintage MAC? 2Chrome 1 Matt

455         1930s Velocette Petrol Tank with Cap

456         Velocette Middleweight MAC Webb Girder Forks with Home Made Links & New Spindles& Damper Knob

457         Small 4″ Millar Motorcycle Headlamp

458         Velocette 350cc Engine

459         Velocette Reproduction Toolbox MAF

460         2 Velocette Oil Tanks (Rigid MAC & 1 Other)

461         Large Heavy Duty Electric Motor (HP)

462         SIP Electric Welder

463         Assortment of Classic Motorcycle Parts for Royal Enfield Crusader Sports and Other British Motorcycle

464         Classic Tennis Bag with Wooden Tennis Racquets

465         HP Electric Motor with Spindle for Small Buff

466         Metal Tool Box with Bundle of New Shop-Soiled Metal Files

467         Metal Storage Drawer – (Green Unit)

468         Tray OF Heavy Old Tools, Small Anvil Vice Etc

469         Heavy Duty Ratchet Chain Pull/lift

470         5 Galvanised Buckets, Scuttle, Tubs & Box

471         Childs Seat for Rear of Bicycle

472         Block & Chain Lifting Pulley

473         Large Metal Storage/Tool Box and a Small Wall Mounting Storage Shelving Unit

474         Large 2 Drawer Metal Index/ Card Holder for Cards Photos Etc

475         Large Wooden Kist Marked “EJL III” plus 4 Other Wooden Boxes/Tool Box (5)

476         Large Gold Framed Bevelled Glass Mirror

477         2 Alloy Velocette Brake Plates with Shoes

478         Acetylene M/C Headlamp & Generator

479         Group Of Front & Rear M/C Number Plates

480         Velocette Gearbox with Clutch and Kickstart

481         Vintage Triumph Bare Crankcases Model N 245504

482         Vintage Triumph Crankcases 255605 with Flywheels and Con Rod

483         Tin of Car Identity Badges, Bar-None Badge etc

484         7 Inch Lucas 700 Glass Lens & 2Chrome Frames For M/C Headlight

485         2 Vintage Sphinx Spark Plug Tins & A Oxo Tin

486         6 Lubrication Charts Vintage Cars 1930/1940 In Original Envelopes

487         2 Vintage Bulb Horns plus Rubber Bulb

488         1920s Vintage Triumph Gearbox with Kickstart

489         Toolbox with Assorted Tools

490         Large Wheeled Expanding Toolbox full of tools

491         Miller Motorcycle Dynamo Parts

492         Tray of New Unused Tools

493         Vintage Motorcycle Wheel Spindles

494         Box Of Vintage Electrical Switches, Caps, Petrol Caps Etc

495         Velocette MAC 550cc Crankcases with Piston and Flywheels

496         6V Regulator & 6 Volt (NOS)

497         Bench Mounted Twin Wheel Electric Brush/ Grinder

498         Tray Old Tools, Joiners Brace & Bits & Old Door Handles

499         Classic Motorcycle Spokes/Nipples (NOS) & Vehicle Light Bulbs

500         Velocette 350cc MDD Engine with Sprocket and Pulley